Sample Meal Plan 8 – No Carb Day!

  • 6.30: 15g Woman Incredible glutamine, 8g Uber G.I powder.
  • 6.45: 2 boiled duck eggs
  • 7.30: 2 black coffees
  • 9am, PWO: glutamine ‘shake’. Also took 25 BCAAs before, during and after training. I’m loading up on lots of BCAAs at the moment after finding out my digestion still needs some help. This gives my body a break from having to break down as much food.
  • 11am: 2 cold grilled chicken thighs with sea salt and herbs
  • 1pm: slice of roast beef from the deli – a bit too much salt in deli meats, but okay now and then
  • 3pm: more glutamine to tide me over
  • 5pm: I was STARVING on my no-carb day, so I had another chicken thigh
  • 7pm: 3 slices of freshly cooked roast beef with a few roast onion pieces (okay, so there’s a touch of carbs there!), and some mustard
  • 9pm: Yogi peppermint-lime tea – delish!










The purpose of the low-carb day is to force your body into insulin sensitivity and fat burning. It’s also excellent for controlling cravings. I do one every so often, when I feel like I need to have a break from thinking about food.