sample meal plan 5 – In the Gym And All Over Town

The purpose of the sample meal plan each week is to give you an ongoing idea of the structure of a great day’s eating but also the realisation that there is a fair bit of variety!

  • 8am: black coffee with cinnamon, followed by a herbal liquorice tea
  • 9am: a Burn gym session, with 10 grams Poliquin BCAAs before, during, and after. Note that today I did fasted training, as I’d been out for dinner the night before and eaten a lot, and until late. The reason I’m putting this in here is to demonstrate that whilst structure and even some rules (like eating soon after waking) is important most of the time, it’s not the be all and end all. Sometimes you have to listen to your body!
  • 10am: 2 poached eggs, steamed spinach, 1 chicken breast
  • 12.30pm: Salad with kangaroo (marinated briefly in oil and herbs, then cooked in the pan), celery, sliced red cabbage, cucumber, red wine vinegar, and some granola on top (see this week’s recipe)
  • 1.30pm: 1 row 99% dark chocolate, coffee with cream and cinnamon
  • 3pm: more of the same salad as at lunchtime
  • 6.30pm: 2 large slices home-made egg and green vegetable frittata, green leaf salad. Mineral water with sliced citrus fruits in it
  • 8pm: herbal tea, mint







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