Sample Meal Plan 7 – Getting Down With Some Details On Protein

  • 6am: Cup of green tea, 15 grams Woman Incredible glutamine, 5 grams primal greens, 5 grams of ground flaxseeds in water. It’s great to switch from coffee to green tea every know and then. Green tea (especially if organic) has less chemicals and a nice variety of antioxidants. In high doses it even boosts fat burning!
  • 6.45am: About 120 grams of leftover cold marinated and pan-fried kangaroo steak. Teaspoon of brazil nut butter (OMG!)
  • 8am: Long black with cream and cinnamon before training
  • 9.30am: post-workout ‘glutamine and raw cacao shake’
  • 11am: Time to eat! More kangaroo (about 100g), this time with a cup of steamed cabbage
  • 12.30: Green tea and some Pellegrino mineral water with ice and fresh lime. My indulgence that isn’t really an indulgence!
  • 2.30: Did a 20-minute ‘metabolic’ session. 20 grams of glutamine in water afterwards was enough to keep me going after fuelling well earlier on.
  • 5pm: 2 boiled eggs (that’s around 25 grams protein); 1 lebanese cucumber
  • 7.30pm: out for dinner with the girls. 2 glasses of organic shiraz, and a lot of antipasto. Comprising cheese, cured meats, grilled baby octopus, home-made pork and fennel mini sausages, marinated veg. Ordered the platter without the usual bread/bread sticks, which made it easy to enjoy dinner without giving in to something that would make me feel crappy afterwards!
  • 9pm: pulled out some of my home-made coconut, zucchini, raspberry and dark chocolate muffins to share with the girls. Sugar, gluten, and guilt-free! See this weeks recipe for details 🙂

In all for today my protein intake was between 150grams, including the glutamine. A good amount for staying lean and sculpting muscle, which are my goals! My fat could have been on the high side due to the antipasto (it included cheese as well), but as you’ll notice I didn’t have much fat the rest of the day, so it balanced out.

Carbs were around 50 grams, only because of the coconut flour muffins – of which I had 2. (They’re small :)) … otherwise I would have been around 30 grams, which is not uncommon for me.