sample meal plan 6 – A Big Day And A Dinner Out

  • 7am: Long black coffee, 20 gram glutamine and 10 gram primal greens shake. I’m trailing no dairy, just to see what impact – if any – it has. It’s always good to test new things now and then. Hence the long black!
  • 8am: Bikram Yoga class – my favourite way to really take time out and unwind
  • 10am: Goats cheese and chia scramble – which you may remember from your week 1 recipe!
  • 11am: Another long black
  • 2pm: About 120 grams of leftover roast beef, 1 lebanese cucumber, 1 green capsicum. Raw veggies are the best for carrying around during the day!
  • 5pm: Another 50 or 60 grams of the beef
  • 8pm: 1/4 of a large organic roast chicken with bacon and spanish onion, mixed cruciferous veg/green leafy salad, 1 small piece of roast sweet potato, a little bit of cheddar cheese.
  • Additional: 2 glasses of Pinot and about 4-5 carb coated almonds between 7 and 10 pm, while having a working dinner with friends!