Sample Meal Plan Three – A Typical Day At The Office

The purpose of the sample meal plan each week is to give you an ongoing idea of the structure of a great day’s eating but also the realisation that there is a fair bit of variety!

  • 6am, on waking: 10 grams Woman Incredible glutamine, 10 grams Poliquin fiber, 5 grams Poliquin primal reds
  • 6.30: leftover grilled steak, about 120 grams, and 5 brazil nuts. Eaten in the car on the way to work
  • 1 long macchiato shortly after that
  • 9am: post workout shake – had forgotten to bring my protein so I had 25 grams of glutamine, with some glycine and primal greens added.
  • 9.30am: 1 chicken breast, 2 boiled eggs, leftover leafy green salad with cucumber (1 cup)
  • 12: 1 cup of the same leftover salad, 1 more chicken breast. About 10 grams of cacao nibs and a coffee with cream and cinnamon after that
  • 3.30: Mid-afternoon cravings setting and I was out of supplies so I ran up the road and got some smoked salmon. Had 100g smoked salmon with lemon squeezed on, 2 cucumbers, and another small handful raw cacao nibs. A few almonds to follow.
  • 7pm: dinner – home-made osso buco loaded with cruciferous veggies and zucchini and a fresh tomato sauce
  • 9pm: 1 cup Yogi Mint Lime tea, some grated 100% chocolate
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