Sample Meal Plan Week 11 – Presenting, Eating, And Bikram Yoga

6am: long black coffee with cinnamon and cream on the side, whilst working on some content for my membership site

7am: Met friends for breakfast before going to present my Food for Yoga seminar in Perth. I had a goats cheese and wild mushroom omelette, with some rocket and a side of smoked salmon. No toast, but I did have another black coffee with cream

12.30: The workshop finished and I was STARVING. Ate 2 handfuls of nuts that were hanging around from the workshop food.

1: Found a local deli/cafe and ordered a wagyu burger with the lot – bunless, of course. Another coffee. Charles Poliquin says up to 6 coffees a day, so long as you don’t have milk, support good health and lower stroke risk! I think he means 6 American coffees per day though; it’s a bit different 🙂

3.30: a boiled egg before going to Bikram yoga on the beach (love)

6.30: Took myself out for dinner post yoga. Eye fillet, medium rare, with a garden salad and a glass of Sangiovese. I may just have had a piece of gluten free jaffa cake with cream afterwards …