Sample Meal Plan – A Typical Day At The Office

Each week you’ll receive a sample day’s meal plan. This is taken either from my personal food diary or is put together to reflect an ‘ideal’ day’s eating.

The purpose of the sample meal plan each week is to give you an ongoing idea of the structure of a great day’s eating but also the realisation that there is a fair bit of variety!

  • 6.30am: Woman Incredible Natural protein with Woman Incredible raw cacao, 10grams Woman Incredible glutamine, 10 grams Poliquin Primal Greens powder, and 5 grams ground flaxseed hulls. 1 lebanese cucumber
  • 7am: Black coffee with cream and cinnamon
  • 9am: 2 boiled eggs (before 10am workout)
  • 11am: Post-workout Poliquin BCAAs and Woman Incredible glutamine powder (a substitute for a shake, as one was had earlier)
  • 11.30am: small piece purple sweet potato, 120 grams baked kangaroo, spinach and celery salad
  • 2.30pm: as above, plus black coffee with cream and cinnamon
  • 4.30pm: 50 grams of leftover kangaroo meat
  • 7pm: grilled snapper, green salad with cucumber and tomato, small handful of kalamata olives, small piece of cheddar cheese
  • 9pm: peppermint tea, 1 row of 85% dark chocolate, 2 flat teaspoons of almonds butter
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