The (New!) Society of Women Who Dream Big & Make Shit Happen

The (New!) Society of Women Who Dream Big & Make Shit Happen

Join my Elite Level Inner Circle Mentoring Mastermind and Work With Me Personally to Create Your Ultimate Biz and Life in the Most INSANELY Awesome Way Possible for You!

I want to introduce you to my new, and (if I do say so AND I do!) MIND-BLOWINGLY awesome, inner circle mastermind. And let me tell you – what I’m doing here is going to shock some people.

Here’s what it’s about –

I want to do something different.

Something, I admit, that’s going to possibly going to confuse. I know it’s shocked me, for starters; at least until I got my head around it and realised WHY WOULD I DO ANYTHING ELSE (but follow my gut)! Something that makes no sense because really? Why the hell would I do this, given the way it ‘works’ in our industry, given what we know about ‘The Rules of High-End Mentoring’.

Well, in short, because I can.

But, more than that, because I HAVE TO.

You know when something speaks to you, when it just won’t go away, when even though on paper it seems downright FOOLISH, ludicrous, a joke but yet it JUST WON’T GO AWAY and the more you think of it the more excited you get?

Yep. That!

Let me give you the lowdown, real quick, so you know whether or not this is for you. (It’s definitely not for everyone and I would say it definitely will piss some people off, given the whole ‘rule-breaking’ thing)

But let’s talk about you; make sure we’re on the same page you and I:

You know, you are different.

You don’t fit in.

Never have.

And never wanted to really, either! Not if you’re honest, although at times of course you thought you should.

What you really want:


To do what you want, how you want, and in the way you want.

In earlier days this manifested as rebellion, as what you thought was laziness or poor disciplines, as ‘why can’t I get my life together?’

Now, you recognise it for what it really is:

The mark of someone called to lead a revolution, and change the world.

Because you, you were born for big things. Thing so big they scare the living pants off you when you think about how you’re going to bring them to life!

Except you know that you will.

You’ve always known.

There’s never really been any question, has there?

Your path hasn’t looked anything like you thought it would. The things you thought would work, that you ‘had’ to do, have pretty much been the things that caused you the most grief of all, while the stuff that HAS worked has often come out of the blue, with little previous thought, and all of a sudden.

Reality: it’s come when you let go, and allow the REAL you to flow.

And that’s what you want really, isn’t it?

You want to be able to just let things flow. YES you want the wild fame and the incredible fortune, you’re a leader with a BIG mission and you know that a good damn portion of the world is to be your stage!

But you’ll be damned if you’re going to jump through ANY pretty little hoops to get there.

And through it all, it’s not just about the rebellion against the norm now, is it?

It’s the underlying thought, the KNOWLEDGE in your soul which just won’t go away:

That you don’t HAVE to follow the rules or ANYBODY’S path, in order to create success beyond your WILDEST imagination. But you’ll start with the success that is IN your wildest fantasies, for sure πŸ™‚

You want, in no particular order, but pretty much NOW’d be great:

  • To make a LOT of money. No your goals are not ’10k a month’, although sure, you’ll start with the 10, 20, 30k a month goals. But your real goals? Ha! No need to go there. I know πŸ™‚
  • To be known in a BIG way, to a LOT of people (again a LOT is like, a LOT okay), all around the world, as somebody who truly TRANSFORMS others
  • To be able to share your MESSAGE. Oh God do you want to be able to share your message, and just tell it like it is, get in people’s faces and SHAKE them with what they need to do, and see, and who they need to be! And it’s not because of ego, although sure – that’s part of it. But really? It’s because you have a burning NEED to share that message because it’s almost a FEAR feeling that if you don’t? THEY COULD MISS OUT.
  • To create new rules for success. You see the way people are doing things with their pretty websites and pretty programs and pretty God damn boring approach to ALL of it and you just … you just can’t. In fact you seem to almost deliberately sabotage yourself in bringing some of that stuff to life in your own business, like underneath it all you wouldn’t even want the success if that’s the cookie-cutter pathway you have to take to follow it! Speaking of which:
  • You want to GET there, for sure, you want to reach ALL your dreams, and then some, but the only way you know you’ll LET that happen is if it’s completely in flow, and aligned, for you, and for who you choose to be and how you choose to live. You’ve tried – God knows you’ve tried – to force things, to do what you gotta do, but you really just don’t WORK that way and every time you’ve managed to suck yourself into doing it you fall flat on your face. And the truth? You’re okay with that, because you know that the way YOU are going to revolutionise the world and create your ultimate success just hasn’t been CREATED yet. Because you’re the one who’ll create it.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

You are a high-level creator, a high-level thinker, you embody everything that is EXPECTED of a true leader, a revolutionary, and so why the hell WOULD you follow a path even MILDLY resembling the path of what others are following.

You’re a leader sister, and honey? You’re gonna lead.

Right now, this is what you know you need:

You need to get out of your own head about it. Stop thinking so much! Stop trying to figure shit out! And just DO.

You need to SURRENDER to the process, and allow success to happen because it WILL not because you make it.

You need to get back to FLOW, to alignment, to acting fast, from the gut, and in spite of all the rules you’re breaking.

You need to TRUST again. Don’t you remember when you TRUSTED, and you just acted accordingly? When did you stop looking for somebody to TELL you how to lead, how to succeed?!

And most of all you need to just. keep. doing. the REAL work that allows YOU to shine, your message to grow, and the WORLD to be changed, because of who you are.

And the money side of it?

Well deep down you know:

When you can do all of this, and step into it repeatedly, THAT is when the money flows. And all of the rest of it.

So here is where I come in:

I know you quite simply because I AM you.

If you’re reading this, you know that. You know me. And I know you. We’re the same, in so many ways, on a soul level and a belief level and a WHAT WILL BE DONE level.

I know what it’s like to move OUT of alignment (and all the trouble that brings!) and I know what can happen when you get your ass back INTO alignment, and act FROM that place, not just for a week or a course or a month but for the DURATION, when you make it your DEFAULT.

I also know, that to remain in that place? Takes some reminder. Takes putting yourself in the ENVIRONMENT of believing it. And it takes having someone there for you, daily, to kick your butt back INTO that place and help you keep moving forward FROM it.

This is exactly why – and if and ONLY if the above stuff resonated with you then you are exactly WHO it’s for – I created The Society of Women Who Dream Big and Make Shit Happen.

It’s my intimate one-year elite level mentoring mastermind, and it’s about pressing play, all the way and with NO holds barred, in business and life. With me there by your side, there to help, guide, support and PUSH, every step of the way.

It’s for leaders ready to TRULY lead, to create their revolution, and to make a helluva fortune and a helluva difference doing it. It’s for those who want to start NOW and BE that person now.

It’s for you, if this is speaking to you.

How this Works

I ran the Society for the past year, following the rules.

A price point that matched what others ‘at my level’ are doing.

A process following, essentially, my mentor’s process and the Ways that Things Must Be Done.

This worked, for sure. My current Society ladies tell me weekly how much they love it, our intimate calls, the connection, the level of conversation and depth we have in this group.

Amazing things have been created, in this group.

I’m so grateful for the past year with this group.

And now, I’m ready to MASSIVELY expand the energy of what we’re doing in this group.

There’s so much more possible.

So much more I want to give.

So much more I know we can FLY with.

So much incredible INTENT and RELEASE that can come with joining a group of true like-minded REVOLUTIONARIES together.

And so that is what I’m creating: the world’s most elite group of REVOLUTIONARY women who ARE going to change the world.

And to do that, in this next phase, I’m breaking some BIG rules.

Around pricing, and around GIVING.

Let’s talk about how this will look.

This might be the most insane and foolish or the most wonderful and awesome thing I’ve ever done. You decide!

The Society of Women Who Dream Big and Make Shit Happen: New. Expanded. Mind-Blowing. For You.

This is about stepping up to work with me in a DEEP and highly intimate way.

It’s about my being your mentor, and you allowing the true success and change you know you were born for.

The first rule I’m breaking: I only want people who want to be there in this group. So it will be a month-to-month arrangement. You’re not doing the work or allowing the change, or it’s pushing too many buttons to have to step up in the way that THIS sort of success commands? You move on, or I ask you to move on. Really simple. Really easy.

We will:

  • Meet together for 3 small-group based coaching intensives each month. This is where we step into your head, and extract the awesome. It’s about CONSTANTLY evolving clarity on what you want, and what needs to NOW happen to move you there. It’s also about repeatedly installing the truths around who you need to BE to get there, as well as an opportunity to learn from your peers not just me. There is no ‘Week 1, Week 2’ or ‘Month 1, Month 2’ structured training. This is completely tailored to you, and the other women in the group. If we need to train on something, we train on it. If we need to transform something, we do so. It’s a PROCESS not a ‘program’.

Bonus: attending all 3 sessions and still want more? There will be 5 available sessions to join each month, in order to allow people different time of day choices. You are welcome to attend all 5 sessions!

  • Join together daily via Facebook, in The Society group. This is where the deep discussion takes place, and daily transformation occurs. I don’t think I need to explain it to you, do I?! Just imagine being in a group where EVERYBODY thinks at the level you do, and challenges you to go further πŸ™‚
  • Speak together intimately – you and I personally, one on one – when you need it. If you’re showing up in the group and you’re doing the work and you need me? I’ll be there, I’ll call you on whatever needs calling and then I’ll set you back on path. There’s another rule being broken right there πŸ™‚

This is the FOUNDATION of The Society and encapsulates the power of the mastermind as well as the intimate work that you and I do together.

Oh, and one more thing, well a few actually, but one for now:

  • We will book in a Revolution Design intensive, just the two of us. This is essentially your Society onboarding session, and we map out your BIG picture vision, for your business and life. We then bring it into the here and now, so you know where to start, and what to NOW do to allow in the money AND the impact you desire. This Intensive takes place within your first few weeks of joining.

Examples of Asskicking Trainings Already in the Society!

  • Boundaries Baby!
  • Quantum Leaps!
  • BEING the Leader Who Takes Action!
  • Commitment, Optins & Podcasting
  • Signature Program LASER Training
  • Membership Programs
  • The Daily Fear, Resistance & Sabotage Battle
  • High Ticket Sales Training
  • Kindle Publishing & Leveraging Amazon Sales
  • Events and Retreats How to
  • Cashflow Training
  • Building a Tribe You Love
  • Using Membership Sites to Create Automated Income and Flow
  • Funnel Training
  • Sales Page Training
  • Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt
  • My Approach to List Growth

The Cost

Like I said, right? Rule breaking.

(And here is where I take a DEEP breath).

I’m sick of the ‘get what you can’ model that is perpetuated out there. I know for me – and I would say most – when we get we still give in a BIG way. It has to be about the value. But I feel there is a lot MORE I can give and I feel that ultimately that’s best for me as WELL as for you!

Also: I want to give back – to those who I know I am MEANT to work with – in a big way. I want to see things CHANGE. I want to break RULES. I want to help you TRANSFORM. For whatever reason, this is the way I’m being called to do that, to create that right now.

I know exactly who I want to work with in this group.

I know exactly how I want it to look, and feel.

And I know exactly what the OUTCOME of what I want to create is, and that it’s possible.

I also know, because my gut has been knocking on the door of my soul for a while now and lately more insistently, that what I’m going to charge for it belies all reason or common sense. Which is partly why I know it must be right πŸ™‚

Weirdly – or not! – MY greatest joy and flow comes from following that still, small voice, even when it makes no sense at all!

Which is why right now, you can join The Society for only $25,000 $14,999 scholarship until midnight EST Tuesday 28, 2015 for the year, or 6 easy payments of $2,599 ($15,594 total over 6 months).

For private coaching? To be in my ELITE circle? For complete access to me?! (And a whole bunch of other stuff I haven’t even yet mentioned!)


But also: YES.

One thing I’ve learned in this biz! When your gut speaks you freaking LISTEN.

Now I have no idea, of course, how many people will resonate with this. It might be a handful. It might be more. If it’s a LOT more, I will quickly shut the doors and re-evaluate the price. I don’t have a set point at which I’d do that: I’ll listen to my gut πŸ™‚

What I want to create here is an INCREDIBLE high-energy force-field of women – TRULY driven LEADER women – who want to come together not just with me but also each OTHER, to change the world and to live with ULTIMATE choice, freedom, and flow.

I think I can do that and I know like HELL I can lead it πŸ™‚

Of course there IS a catch. A simple one –

This price can’t stay this low. I have no idea how many people might jump on it right now! I am loosely planning to keep the doors open until the end of next week, however if places fill fast I will either close the doors or simply straight away increase the price. My INTENT here is to rapidly bring in those people who essentially already KNOW they at some point wanted to work with me at this level and who see the value in being in my inner circle and having this level of day to day access to me, and support from me.

Carla Wood TestimonialHayleyPhillipaAngie Carla Ginny Kitty Mel Goldman Susie ZoeThere is a little more, a few things:

For as long as you are a member you will receive access to all of my other online products and programs at no additional cost.

  • The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders: Make a Ton of $$ and a Helluva Difference. Have It All Now. On Your Terms – $197 per month
  • The Rich Chick Mastermind: Make More Money, Faster, Doing What You Love! – $99 per month
  • It’s Only Money, Honey! The Business and Money Breakthrough Program for Women Who Want it All and KNOW They’re Gonna Get It – $497
  • Write Speak Sell: The Simple System to Turn Your Words Into Profit, Guaranteed! – $497
  • Purpose Passion Flow: Make MORE Money, Faster, and Live Your MOST AMAZING Dream Life Completely on Your Terms and Just by Being You! – $497
  • Launch It!: Get Your Shit Out There. Hard. Fast. NOW. – $497
  • FWW Create Your Signature Program: How to Create, Market & Sell Your Signature eCourse, Even if Right Now You Would Have No Idea What it Would be About! – $497
  • Alignment & Asskickery Toolkit: Get Your Head Back in the Game, and Start Making Money, The Way You Were Born To, Now! – $97
  • Selfish Bitch Hustle: 18 Days ALL OUT Intensity. No Excuses. No BS. Just You and Me Baby, and the REAL Work of Exploding YOU Online. – $97
  • Rich Chick Dream Life Academy: 6 Weeks to Quit the BS, Get Over Your Sh*t and Start Living the Life You Damn Well Know You Deserve – $249
  • Badass Business Babes: Body. Life. You. Badass and Loving It, Stat! – $127
  • PLUS 3 live in-person exotic retreats with me each year and unlimited access to all my live on and offline events and workshops!

If you’re currently paying ongoing fees for those, they will be suspended starting when you join. Consider this a bonus it sure as hell is not the reason to join. You ONLY join this group if you are the woman I described above and committed to BEING her with or without ME.

The value of this runs in EXCESS, combined total, of what you will pay each month to BE in the Society.

Product Design Intensive Bonus

EVERYONE who joins in my relaunch will receive a program design intensive with me as a bonus. This means, essentially, I help you come up with your next big thing (or re-work a current thing), including title, tagline and copy correction to market and sell it. I’ll also personally help you map out YOUR entire launch strategy, and then roll it out.

Funnel Creation Bonus

EVERYONE who joins in this relaunch will receive a full funnel creation template and my help implementing it. This includes everything you need – emails, sales pages, marketing offers, tech stuff you need to understand – to automate your income through evergreen sales or the creation of a new offer.

Bali Retreat Bonus (x three)

Each year I run two 3-day retreats in beautiful Bali. This is: business, life, alignment, soul work, YOU. Plus massage and awesome wine and food. All in the best imaginable surrounds. It is freaking awesome! I charge $5000 for these retreats (non inclusive of flights and accommodation). As a Society member you receive these FREE.

Live Events and JFDI Weekend Bonus (unlimited)

Each year I run a handful of live one day Business Explosion Workshops ($1997 ticket fee) and weekend “JFDI” events (5k ticket fee). As a Society member you receive these FREE.

VIP Intensive Bonus: FIRST TWO ONLY

The first TWO WOMEN to join during this relaunch will receive a FREE VIP Intensive Bonus with me. This is one on one, just you and me, intensively over a half-day period mapping out and UNLEASHING out whatever is needed for you at that time.



Option One oPTION2 6 monthsI want to work with the RIGHT people, for the long haul. With those who are committed to TOTAL transformation.

I trust, quite simply and very powerfully, that following my gut will be for the greater good of ME as well as of you.

And so that’s what I’m doing.

If this is a YES to you, and only if it’s a 100% CERTAIN I AM THE KEY MENTOR FOR YOU Yes, then join now before the doors close again on Tuesday, and the 10k scholarship goes away.

I’d love to work with you gorgeous, for the long haul.

Let’s start your revolution!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

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