Social Saturday

WEEK 32: ‘Social Saturday’

  • 6am: Up for blogging and journalling – glutamine, fiber and Vitamin C in water, 100 grams of steak with mixed nuts, long black with cream and cinnamon
  • 930am: People over for breaky – made chocolate protein pancakes by mixing coconut flakes, chocolate protein and eggs, cooked in coconut oil. Served with raspberries and cream – and some bacon!
  • 11am: Went to the chocolate cafe – long macchiato and a small gourmet dark chocolate
  • 1230: leftover steamed silverbeet and pan-fried steak
  • 4pm: same as at 12.30. Plus a few spoonfuls of full fat organic yoghurt
  • 7pm: out for dinner with friends – Tapas. 6 oysters kilpatrick, 2 roast duck legs (tiny ones), various antipasto type stuff. Glass of pinot, which was the only ‘sugars’ for the evening.

A great day!