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Everything You Need Right NOW to Take Massive Aligned Action on Creating the Biz and Life You REALLY Want!

No Drawn Out Trainings. No Must Optins. No Waiting for Content. Just Straight Up Power-Packed In Your Face Kickassery, Right Here on This Page!

Gorgeous! I’m so glad you found your way over here to our INCREDIBLE #laserkickasseryparty!

You know those boring drawn out telesummits and giveaways where you have to optin to a gazillion things or wait days to get content and it all just takes soooo LONG? yep … this is the exact opposite of those!

In my Society of Women Who Dream Big and Make Shit Happen we are a bunch of REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADERS with big messages, big calling, and kinda big butt-kicking balls to just get out there and shout what’s on our minds to the HEAVENS and back … and do so in a way that has you screaming HELL YEAH I AM READY FOR MORE … all of which is to say that I have managed to convince my #societygals to give you some straight down the line high-value loving right here on this page!

No optins needed … although you ARE more than welcome to optin if you want more freebies from any of these lovely ladies! But the #laserkickass stuff? Is all right here on this page.

We’re talking business smackdowns, body smackdowns, get your shit sorted smackdowns, and more!

So without further ado – let’s get this party STARTED! Allow me to go first – watch the video below to get in the swing of what we’re doing here; it’s all about how to create your ‘one day dream business’ now! And then continue on down the page to be inspired, motivated, empowered and kicked into MEGA action to create your ultimate business and life, today.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x

Kat Loterzo

Kat Loterzo Talks Mapping Your Dream Biz

Kat Loterzo

FREE eBook: “Think Like a Rich Chick” By Amazon Best Selling Author, Kat Loterzo


The Step-By-Step Guide For Creating A Business Doing What You Love!

This is the EXACT book you need in order to create a HIGHLY successful online business that allows you to make money in a way that suits you! I share much of my personal story, and the ups and downs of how I went from full-time one on one coaching to having a business on autopilot and traveling the world.

In This 100% FREE eBook I’ll Cover:

  • How to figure out what your dream biz is
  • Online business, website basics and ‘Must Haves’
  • How to create a plan based on what you love to do
  • How to market to the perfect clients you WANT to work with
  • Sales, baby! How to get the right people to buy from day one
  • How to build a kickass brand and create cult-like fame!

If YOU are dedicated to CATAPULTING your business and your success NOW, then you are going to love this book and the lessons I share! And best of all…it’s a 100% FREE


KL FB Pic thumbnailKat Loterzo is a multiple best-selling Amazon author, a speaker and a multi-passionate ‘can not focus on one thing’ entrepreneur, as well as a slightly over the top enthusiast of all things caffeine and chocolate related!

Kat writes about pressing play and creating the business and life of your dreams,, and she sends out daily ‘Messages of Asskickery’ via her blog at Kat is currently living location free, in pretty much any sunny place with great wifi that she can find, with her husband and 2 small children.

The Society Presents: The Very First #LASERKICKASSERYPARTY!

Now dive into the rest of what my INCREDIBLE Society ladies have for you, simply by scrolling down and soaking up the goodness! If you do want MORE free stuff and insane inspo from any of these ladies, they have each put together an absolutely kickass free bonus gift offer for you which you are welcome to register for using the links below. Also: don’t forget to share this page on Facebook or with your friends! We would love to get our message of DREAMING BIG AND MAKING SHIT HAPPEN out there to as many incredible women as possible!


Angie Butler

Angie B Talks Getting Your Boots on and Kicking Your Fear of Rejection!

Angie Butler

Get in the Ring and Kick the Ass of Fear + Resistance!

Angie ButlerFear + resistance is on a mission to distract you from your mission! Will you let it? Get in the ring with your worst fears + resistance and challenge it to a KNOCK OUT, where YOU will be the WINNER. To get ahead in your business you simply have to sharpen your MINDSET. In this free training, celebrity Personal Mind Trainer Angie B puts your fears through their paces + makes sure YOU come out stronger. A secret weapon for every leader’s armoury – get your booty in on the action, and have some real fun with this.


Cameo Gore

Cameo Gore Shows You How to Tap into More Abundance With LOVE and MONEY


Cameo GoreCameo Gore’s free audio training is a super powered catalyst to get you attracting more abundance NOW in life and in LOVE. If you are ready to attract infinite love and abundance to your life Cameo delivers what you need to immediately shift into a more abundant life NOW.



Daleen Pinder

Stop the Nonsense and Take a Look at How Satisfied You are in Your Life?


DaleenAre someone who is already pretty darn successful? But, deep down you have this feeling that you want more! You want to have it all! You want to have a great career or successful business, you want to love life and live full out. You want to have time to enjoy your family, self-care is important to you, friendships would be wonderful. BUT, you just cannot seem to find time to do all the things you want. You could use a little support in time-management and prioritizing?

This workbook will give you an excellent reflection on where you are at right now and what areas of your life need some focus and attention. This resource has other valuable goodies that will support you to move forward and make the changes that are most important to you.


Elles Lohuis

Shape Your Morning – Shape Your Life! Increase Your Efficiency, Productivity, Happiness and Health in Just 15 Minutes Per Day!

Elles Lohuis Video

Elles Lohuis Ph.D. Empowers Intelligent Women to Get Clear, Confident and Committed to Their Best Life!

Elles Lohuis Portrait roundYou want:

  • to CALM your mind and body
  • get CLEAR on your situation as it presents itself
  • the ability to FOCUS on the things that matter to you
  • to spark that intelligent spirit of yours into effective ACTION
  • a mind filled with anticipation, ENERGY, enthusiasm and excitement for life 

And all of that in just 10 minutes per day…? 

Then take up the practice of Contemplation and raise the bar to your best life! 

I support you – wholeheartedly – with my gift to you – The little Guide to Contemplation – my guidance and inspiration for you to start your practice of contemplation. 

Get your clarity, focus, efficiency, productivity and most of all JOY in life in just 10 minutes! 
Download your kick-starter NOW!


Em Boden

How to Put More LIFESTYLE into Your Online Business With Em Boden

Em Boden

Get Yourself a Lifestyle and Hook Up With Em to Automate the Shiz Out of Your Biz While Retaining Personality and Power in Your Online Business.

EM+Head+Shot+FunAre you an Online Business Owner and Just Want More Time, Money, Freedom – ALL Of It! – NOW? Find Out EXACTLY What to Automate, How to Do It the EASY Way, and Get Your Lifestyle Rocking While the $$ Flow In: Download My Free Checklist Today!



Hayley Phillips

Hayley Phillips Gives You the Quick Tricks Resource Guide for Setting Up Your Online Business, Without the Overwhelm.

Hayley Philips

Hayley PhillipsIt can get very overwhelming with all the plugins, programs and systems you need in place to start your online business. There are so many options – how do you possibly choose what is the right one. Well, I have created an easy to follow resource guide that gives you exactly what you need to get started. No overwhelm, no confusion.


Heidi Lidholm

Heidi Lidholm Reveals the FORMULA to Manifesting EXACTLY What You Want

Heidi Lidholm

Want to double your clients by being your awesome self? Now you can!

Heidi LidholmI’ve created a free video training with 3 proven strategies on How to Own Your Value & Double Your Clients by being you. Plus, you get my Triple Your Email List Blueprint! I believe that every entrepreneur has a special message to deliver. I’m here to get you in front of the people who need you by bringing out your authentic self in your work. Specifically, I guide healers and holistic practitioners in building profitable businesses by giving you the support, strategies and motivation to get clients consistently and create products (books, online courses, retreats) from your unique healing expertise, so that you can have a greater healing impact on the world! When the art of intuitive guidance and strategic principles combine, it’s a powerful force…


Jenn Scalia

Jenn Scalia Wants to Know if You Have What it Takes!


26 Ways To Be More Visible and Crush It Online.

Jen ScaliaPrintable guide showing you 26 ways to be more visible, to position yourself as the expert and exactly what to do to nurture the tribe you’re building.




Jenny Boice

Jenny Boice Teaches You How To Become The Vibrational Match To What You Want To Create In Your Life.

Jenny Boice

I Will Show You How To Create Clarity And Focus, How To Use Your Powers Of Attraction And How To Get Back Into The Flow So You Can Start Creating The Life You Truly Desire.

JennyBoiceWebsitePhotoCreate Your Life: 3 Simple Steps to Create and Attract The Life You Want In Just Minutes Per Day 

Tired of spinning your wheels and feeling unfulfilled in your career, business, romantic life, or health?

Let Jenny Boice teach you the secret to creating the life you really want.  She will teach you the process she has used to sell her herbal business, attract her ideal house in 40 days, fill her online programs, and so much more!

  • Get clear on what you want so you can actual start to create it
  • Learn a step-by-step process that you can use to attract what you want again and again
  • Discover how to break through barriers so you can get back into the flow of your life
  • Develop your manifesting super powers so you can attract what you want as fast as you want

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life


Joy Perugini

Take That Leap! With Joy of JoyFit Nation


Joy PeruginiTake a FREE mini-vacay from your day! Be a better, happier you … everyone else in your life will benefit too! Enjoy a short progressive relaxation designed to pull you out of the daily grind and provide a refreshing reset for a great rest of the day. Get ready to relax, fully let go, and be rejuvenated. This is for you, especially if you ever feel stressed or anxious about daily life.


Karen Anderson

There’s Nothing Wrong With YOU! No Seriously.

Karen Anderson

I Assist You To Drop Out Of Your Story And Into Your LIFE.

Free Gift: Matrix Plan for a Revolutionary LIFE™

Karen AndersonIt all starts with you thinking bigger, dreaming larger, living more vibrantly than you are today.You have a knowing, that deep within, you are more than you can even begin to imagine.You KNOW that the spirit that rests inside, inhabits your physical body is destined for greater things, greater experiences, a wilder ride than you can hold in your heart right at this moment. 
There is a REVOLUTION that has been brewing deep within you for years.

It isn’t a quiet discomfort, a feeling of boredom, it is your soul, your spirit calling you back to live the dreams that YOU implanted for realization. 

Are you ready? Are you ready to lead the revolution in your own LIFE? Strategies, tools & tips to activate the game of LIFE and live full on. A plan for getting off the sidelines and getting in the game. Life is a participation sport.


Kitty Tonkin

Kitty Tonkin Talks What it Means to Make Your Own Waves in Your Life

Kitty Tonkin

I Am A Dreambuilder Empowering New Creative Female Entrepreneurs On How To Turn Their Passion Into Their (Regular) Paycheck.

Kitty Tonkin HeadshotAn empowered and energetic video on what exactly the make your own waves philosophy and life style is all about and how it can help you to turn your passion into your paycheck and create your dream life.

Free Audio on the 3 reasons why YOU are the key marketing tool for growing your magically abundant & creative business.


Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan talks How to turn your Manifesting Mojo ON and attract anything that you want NOW!


Patricia Lohan – Manifesting Queen Supports Amazing Access Their True Potential Women Unleash Their Manifesting Making Their Dreams Become A Reality. 

Paticia LohanWatch the Training and down load your FREE copy of my E-BOOK ‘Cool as Cucumber – A quick & easy guide to become cool, calm & collected over night and to help you come into alignment to manifest beyond your wildest fantasies and live a life you love.



Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea talks about The Bullshit You’re Telling Yourself To Keep Yourself From Going ALL IN In Your Business And Life And Stops You From Getting RESULTS!


Get The “How To Make Love To Your Clients Worksheet” To Learn How To Speak Directly To Your Ideal Clients In A Way That Gets Them From Stranger Danger To Take My Money!!!!! 

phillipa profileBecause “knowing” who your ideal client is is one thing, but getting your message across to them so they WANT to buy from you, is a form of art… 

It’s about getting deep into the heart and soul of your ideal client so that you can extract what they are REALLY struggling with right now and what they REALLY desire and put it in a message to them that resonates with them so much they are chomping at the bit to work with you!


Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight Talks About How To Stop Giving Into Fear, Overwhelm And Your Old Sad Story And Step Into Your Warrior-Leader Self, Create Wealth And Live Life Deliberately


Here’s a FREE Book: Get Their Attention & Make Them Buy! – The Step by Step Blueprint To Generate More Leads, Double or Triple The Size Of Your Business & Explode Your Income Now! 

Rosemary Knight– Discover How to immediately solve the problem of not enough people buying your stuff 

– Discover The A-B-C Formula to get more leads and then how to convert them to buying customers/clients so you can start making more money now! 

– Discover The 12 things you just may be doing that you really must NEVER do if you want a profitable business in the shortest time possible.


Sue Moore

Sue Moore Talks How To Get Your TIME Back!

Sue Moore

Sue Moore Assists Women Improve Their Health And Fitness From The Inside Out, By Showing Them How To Eat Well And Exercising Their Mind And Body.

Sue MooreIf You Are A Woman Who Wants To Have It All Now, To See Fast Results, And You’re Sick And Tired Of Feeling Crap All The Time, Being Overweight And Feeling Unmotivated With Your Life, And You Just Want To Get Fit Fast, Lose 10k, Be The Leanest Meanest Running Machine, Running Further And Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, Without Crazy Diets Or Joining A Gym THEN …… 

I’m sharing how I went from a complete beginner (only able to run for 1 minute) to running my 1st 1/2 marathon 5 months later in this free Ebook. 

You can do the same too. I share some top training tips in this easy to follow guide of my journey from a ‘I Hate Running’ to ‘I Love Running’.


Susie Romans

Susie Romans Shares, The Sales Video Formula That Sells Your Coaching, Consulting or Programs For You, So You Never Have To Do Another Sales Call Again

Susie Romans

Susie Romans Is An Online Business Coach And Empowerment Leader That Believes In The Power Of Internet Strategy To Grow Your Amazing Business.

Susie RomansWhen I started consistently using video on my sales pages, I saw a huge shift happen. I had less sales conversations with people on the phone and more sales from people I had never even talked to! 

This was proof that my videos were doing the selling for me. As online brands, coaches and consultants, I know that sales are key to survival. If you want to learn how to make videos that work and sell, even when you’re not… If you want to turn visitors into mega fans, sell more and create a celebrity-like following online? 

Sign up now for the full training. I believe in a world where purpose-driven entrepreneurs light up the world and get paid in the process.


Zoë Foster

Zoë Foster shares How to Unleash Your Dynamic, Unstoppable Self & Feel Passionate and Inspired Every Damn Day!


Zoë Is A Life Alchemist And Changemaker, Helping Soul-Driven Women Unleash Their True Potential And Empowering Deep Change From Within.

Processed with RookieI believe you work damn hard and you try to play damn hard too. But is something missing? You may feel frequently exhausted, drained and kind of cheated: where is the abundant, magical life you were promised? 

I believe I can fill in the gaps for you. 

In this free downloadable workshop, I take you on a journey through the 5 energy bodies to help you move from your energy sinks to aligned, energetic expansion and freedom. Unleash your dynamic, unstoppable self!



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