Stay at home Mum Day

WEEK 24: “Stay at home Mum Day”

Not that I actually stay at home much, but this is a typical example of what I might eat when I’m in and out of the home and doing errands and ‘Mum’ things!

  • 8am: Long black coffee, scrambled eggs with bacon and pan-fried (in coconut oil) mushrooms.
  • 9.30am: 30 minute ‘Burn’ session followed by 20 minutes of card
  • 10.30am: Woman Incredible Banana protein shake
  • 11.30am: Home-made ‘roo burger (bunless) with bacon (double bacon day!), a fried egg, some cheese, a cucumber and some steamed broccoli. 1 peppermint tea.
  • 3.30: Keeping it simple – 2 more ‘roo burgers with some more steamed broccoli. A small piece of Loving Earth coconut milk chocolate
  • 6.30pm: 3 slices of roast beef with a rocket salad, a little pumpkin and some green beans
  • 8pm: Yogi tea and a small bowl of frozen raspberries