The Big 6 Workout – Home

Body Sculpt – Home

A1: DB Squats 5050  6-8 reps  5 sets
A2: DB Flat Chest press 4140  6-8 reps  5 sets
A3: DB bent over row 4042  6-8 reps  5 sets
A4: Seated unsupported neutral DB shoulder press 3030  6-8 reps  5 sets
A5: Close grip push ups 4040  4-6 reps  5 sets
A6: DB or bodyweight sit ups 2020  15-20 reps  5 sets


  • The big 6 workout includes some of the biggest, most effective exercises you can use to maximise body sculpting and fat loss. These are all exercises we have done many times throughout your memtoring, hence no video today! It’s time for you to step out and see where you are at with remembering technique, posture and positioning for at least these essential movements. As always, if you do need help, comment below or shoot me an email 🙂
  • I’d like you to take at least 60 seconds rest and up to 2 minutest rest between sets. 2 minutes means you can lift heavier, sculpt more muscle, and ultimately get leaner – for this workout at least!
  • Time your rest and your tempos
  • This workout looks deceptively easy, but it will likely have you sore for days – be strong and succeed!