The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders

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I’m creating a Tribe.

A Tribe of leaders.

A Tribe of REVOLUTIONARY leaders.

A Tribe of REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADERS, who want it all –

Now –

On their terms –


If this is you and you WILL NOT STOP TILL YOU GET THERE? Then what you’re about to read on this page will be single most important thing you have read all year.

And if you let it? It will change your life.

But before I explain how that will work, let’s talk about you.

About the good.

The bad.

The crazy.

The downright ugly and even terrifying sides of you that you wonder if you should EVER let out!

But most of all about the truth, and the truth is this:

You, you want it all, you want it now, and you DO want it on your terms.

Money, fame, fortune, freedom – those things are a given. Of course you’re going to be richer than rich, bigger than big, go where you like when you like and live a lifestyle most wouldn’t dream of! You’ve known that stuff for YEARS and so even though you’re not quite there yet (and frankly would like to know when the fuck you WILL get there, and don’t worry we are going to get you there!) what you really want?

Is so much more than that.

Because you, who you are truly, deep inside, is something that pretty much nobody else has ever understood, ever wanted to understand, ever even been able to CONSIDER understanding.

And who you are?

You are a leader honey.

You have a message that can only be described as a calling.

You have stuff within you that HAS to get out and although you know it’s terribly arrogant of you to think so, you’re pretty damn certain you can change the world.

At times you feel almost overwrought with anxiety, with overwhelm, with the pressure of knowing that people need to HEAR what you have to say, and you just don’t know, can’t seem to figure out, aren’t sure how to GIVE it to them.

Because right now as much as you do know your destiny is for something truly fucking amazing?

7zBEIwsMAUqWV-Rj3dKQ_QQBmApTrXSL75Bu_VvtUlAYou’re scared a lot of the time.

Infuriatingly stuck.

And every time you do think you’re ‘on your way’ you seem to end up unwittingly back in again.

Back to safety. To security. To WHAT YOU KNOW, and to who you think you have to be. And it drives you quite honestly MAD, and the thing is, the thing is that you know that you’re actually doing pretty well from the outside looking in and so why isn’t it enough for you?

Why aren’t you happy?

Why can’t you just ENJOY WHAT YOU have and be grateful, and keep on doing what’s working and just, y’know, build on it?

And so you go about your day, your life, doing your thing, smiling and sorta creating and sorta leading and sorta doing what it takes, and like I said, for anybody on the outside of your life looking in you have got shit SORTED.

You’re a winner, a high achiever, you’re superwoman! Everybody WISHES they could be like you.

But what you want?

You want a new standard of normal.

One the world can’t comprehend.

Never will.

And one that if we’re being REALLY honest? Would scare the living daylights off of even the highest of NORMAL high-achievers.

And what it comes down to, quite simply, is this:

You weren’t built for normal –

Or to package and perform from a box –

And you ain’t nobody’s dancing monkey or shy little vanilla cupcake.

Not in business. Not in life. Not in WHO YOU FUCKING ARE, because who you ARE?

You are a LEADER baby.

You DO have a message, a calling, and something that WILL change the world.

And you’re not just any kind of leader, you’re a fucking REVOLUTIONARY leader, one who will REPEATEDLY do what most will not do, cannot do, don’t want to do, so that you can have what they never CAN have but more than that so that you can live as you were BORN to live.

skIOdFqGSYmjN9Zz6129rPj5JHgRga6xMSWRHMrhvtABut here’s the thing.

Right now, you’re not doing it?

Are you?

Right now, you are fucking HIDING, is the truth. And you know it.

And really – really – this is just BULLSHIT, as you are not the kind of woman who hides.

But yet … maybe you are.

Since that’s what you’re doing and all.

And since we ARE being honest and all, your destiny will not be dictated by what it is ‘meant’ to be, it will be dictated by the actions you are taking.
Right now.
So it’s really very simple lovely.
If you say you’re a leader –
A revolutionary leader –
A FUCKING revolutionary leader.
Then maybe it’s about bloody time you started acting like it!

Is The Tribe the Right Program of Mine for You?

If this is you.
Then this is for you.

Introducing The Tribe of Revolutionary of Revolutionary FUCKING LEADERS!

Where you have it all.
On your terms.
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So here is what this is about, and rather than me re-write it all again I’m going to share with you exactly, straight copy and paste, from my journal, how I mapped it out before I even THOUGHT about doing a ‘sales page’ –
The truth is that this has been on my heart for some time, but I’ve only just found a way to EXPRESS it in the way that felt amazing …
I want to give people EVERYTHING
I want them to stick around because THAT is what true transformation requires
I want them to be part of the TRIBE

(crazy Kat journaling here) What feels right what feels right what feels right?

I want to be able to create on the fly

I want a big community of revolutionary fucking leaders who are out there taking action
I want to grow it easily and make it a no brainer
I want them to be able to talk about the work they are doing
I want to have a ‘place’ to host all of my stuff
I want people to be able to connect and be part of a tribe
I want to see people working through things together
I want them to be able to elevate up in the tribe – starting point – advanced – inner circle
I want to be REWARDING loyalty of those who do everything i have on offer.

BIG question: giving access to all content, I am essentially giving full access to 3k worth of stuff for $297 $197 per month. will some people abuse this YES. will most people NO. is it a problem? only if I want it to be.
Why do it? because it’s right.
Otherwise … it is one new program drip fed every 2 months PLUS any new ones? so fucking confusing! I don’t want it to be confusing. it needs to be smooth. people need to be able to work through what they want to work through.

instinct instinct instinct.

Bundle of awesome was a whole bunch of shiz.
Stop thinking about the money.

How to most HELP people?

Give it all away.

Open the doors.

Make it easy for them to have all the tools they need AND the community support.
A place.
A place where they will learn and grow together. yes. where all of my programs are exulted and celebrated over time.

Where it is about the TRIBE.

FOCUS ON THE TRIBE NOT THE INCLUSIONS … it is about us joining TOGETHER as women committed to growth. About me creating an incredible place for the women who are ultimately going to do all my programs anyway but maybe not yet ready for private coaching, to have access to ME and to all my STUFF at an insanely awesome fee but to also have the tribe.

“inclusions and what you GET in the Tribe” (have added the links here so you can check it out)


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And when I say a hustle?


18 days.

You and me baby.

No excuses.

No BS.

Just real. fucking. work.

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Divider RedBadassBusinessBabesHeaderAre you a BADASS?

I don’t just mean do you wanna be a badass, are you trying to be a badass I mean are you a fucking BADASS bitch of a babe who is ready to own it in business and in life?!

‘Cause if you are? And you know it? And you are MORE than okay with shouting it out loud and proud to the world and truly stepping into your AWESOME???!

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Plus NEW, just added: all of my “Woman Incredible” fat loss and fitness programs!



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So …. that’s it lovely. I could go on and on and maybe I WILL make a sales page at some point, but what this is about, really?

You are a revolutionary fucking leader.

You love my stuff and want more of it, you WANT me to daily get your head into alignment and your butt into MEGA asskickery action.

You want to save a fuckton of money by not having to buy all my products individually and pay full rates.

And you want to be part of an incredible. fucking. TRIBE. of kickass women LEADERS who want it all, now, on their terms, and are not afraid to get it!

In short: you want to rule the world and you’re ready to DO IT!


Feedback on the Accountability & Asskickery of Working With Me Live!

Cynthia Underwood Leesa Young Lisa Marie rees Lisa May Huby Sharyn Greenaway Suzanne Steele

If that’s you AND you are ready to OWN being the Revolutionary Fucking Leader who you are, then what are you waiting for? Join The Tribe today and say HELL YEAH to working with ME for the long haul and getting ALL my stuff, but also – most importantly – say a BIG hell yeah to creating the business and life YOU want, to having it all, now, and on your terms!

That’s it baby! Let’s DO THIS!

Click here for month to month (no contract) because you are ready to say HELL YEAH to so much fricking awesome plus the support and ROCKSTARTISHNESS of being in a tribe like this!

Hell Yes!Click here to pay upfront for the year just $1499 and save $865 because you KNOW this leader ain’t going anywhere plus you want all those bonuses!

Hell Yes!

And I’ll see you inside lovely!


1.You have full access to ALL content mentioned above from Day 1.

2. You have full access to ALL NEW CONTENT I CREATE FOR AS LONG AS YOU ARE A MEMBER, except for private coaching and live events. You will never pay for another of my online programs or memberships!

3. There will be a monthly live asskicking with yours truly, ask me anything and have me sort you out personally! Our first live call has already taken place and you can access the recording now as well as a bonus training I did for you

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

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I made you a pretty fucking epic (fucking revolutionary!) training. It was a call I used to introduce The Tribe, but also one I used to hit you with the TRUTH about what it takes to simplify and rock your online biz now.
I’ll be honest, I don’t think I ever spoke so fast or churned through so much important in your face shiz!
Officially, what this call was about?

The Plan: Your Entire Online Business Mapped Out, and Ready to Rock.

  • Purpose, passion, what you are called to do.
  • Business model options.
  • Where to start low end.
  • Where to start high end.
  • Marketing, branding, and getting people to buy.

And we did all that, but also – wow – this:

I also shared exactly what I would do, in less than 5 minutes, if I were starting from square ONE again, and I spoke about the two things I see as the BIGGEST and most prevalent reasons for kickass women NOT yet achieving their dreams.


The training goes for just over 30 minutes, and I also talk about and officially introduce The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders. So if you want to know PRECISELY what I would do if I were starting over again, and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff that’ll light a fire in your belly AND also hear me talk about The Tribe and how excited I am about how it can impact YOU, then click the audio now!

Click here for month to month (no contract) because you are ready to say HELL YEAH to so much fricking awesome plus the support and ROCKSTARTISHNESS of being in a tribe like this!

Hell Yes!Click here to pay upfront for the year just $1499 and save $865 because you KNOW this leader ain’t going anywhere plus you want all those bonuses!

Hell Yes!


ZBM6cSZaitctC0piVm2Mwot70FjqDP9nLYo_XoAxWe4 jXixVTRb8rpQTgUbg-MPdKpyr44BF6jXKBLeqXSqKyI lDhEPmP6zHFP9cG9--EHCVlKVA9lII23GXJa8PXS80g kUT7n0pU9yJZeooRFUV6vtQIXFyMJwYhMR7kpd4Bdck

Warning: this might hurt.

I am sick to fucking death of your God damned excuses Mandy. And like it or not I’m going to let my fury on this topic out, all out, now. If you think this might trigger you YES IT PROBABLY WILL so decide now if you can face up to that.

Because it’s time for a reality check the likes of which the VERY vast majority of entrepreneurs, even the so-called driven ones, simple can NOT take.

They don’t have what it takes.

And honestly? I’m wondering if you’re part of that group, but hey – let’s figure it out.

The most frustrating thing I am still YET to come to terms with in getting my message out there as a leader and someone determined to see others rise up and live THEIR dreams, is that when all is said and done most people flat out aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there.

And often times it seems they’d be happier with a complex or highly detailed and lengthy ‘performing monkey’ list of commands as a success plan than with the cold hard exciting (I think!) but yes also DAMN confronting reality, which is that success?

Is really fucking simple.

This week I have encountered a wave of resistance, the type of which seems to come around once every 6 months or so. I swear sometimes people band up and decide to all try and test my patience at once! I’ve noticed that this stuff happens in waves for as long as I can remember – even back in my personal training days there’d be one week every 8-12 weeks or so when nearly every client canceled or was full to the gills of excuses as to why they’d eaten crap all day and refused to move their asses for endless days on end, because hey –

Busy / unmotivated / tired / got my period / dog ate my homework BULLSHIT! Oh, and can you tell me more about which supplements I should take for fat loss as I am really committed to results!



Of course what they were really saying?

I’m not willing to do the SIMPLE and OBVIOUS fucking work of eating well and moving my body CONSISTENTLY and so please pretty please let that be okay but tell me the ‘1%’ needle moving stuff that would actually make a difference if I was DOING THE ACTUAL FUCKING WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE because suuureeellllyyyyyyy that’s what I really need?!

And look, okay, I’ve definitely been that person myself, in all areas of life so when I yell and scream and shout about it I do it from a place of fucking giving a fuck because I look back and see all the time wasted on my own path to my dreams!

And right now, yep, not going to hide it – you know me, I can’t and I won’t! – I am pissed off at some of the BULLSHIT I’m hearing from a handful of people who said they wanted it, said they were willing to do what it takes, said they were going to have it all AND on their terms but then when all is said and done?





And in most cases even admit they’re not doing the work but yet still want the magical ‘1% needle mover’ or highly complex SURELY that’s what it’s all about strategy from me!

And part of me knows – futile to worry about it.

They’ll always be those who say they want a result but just aren’t prepared to do what it takes.

Let ’em go right? Not my true tribe. 99% of the women I work with, whilst of course they face fear and doubt and insecurity see the VISION and focus on what they KNOW they are here to create and are able to therefore DO THE FUCKING WORK not just in spite of fear and resistance and ‘why can’t it be more complex and less confrontational’ but indeed even in part BECAUSE of that stuff, using it as a guideline.

These are my tribe.

These are my women.

These are the women I look to and I see myself in them, I see the RIDICULOUS willingness to go to lengths that others just won’t even consider.

And when they stumble or question or are scared I see myself, and when they’re on fire and lit up and sure I see myself, and I’m fine with them NEEDING that extra kick up the butt or with the BS excuses they still sometimes come up with because I still do that and need that push as well; it’s normal, unavoidable, and part of life!

But what is NOT acceptable – never mind whether it’s normal or not! – if you want to actually bloody well GET there is to listen to your own BS and then CREATE YOUR FUCKING FUTURE BASED ON IT.

And so I write this post not for the whiners and BS-filled ‘not willing to do the really simple but really fucking HARD work’ handful who are testing my patience this week but I write it FOR MY TRIBE.

For the ACTUAL revolutionary fucking leaders who are willing to do what it takes, not just once, not just ‘oh I tried that for 6 weeks and it didn’t work’ (excuse me while I go and scream into a SHIPLOAD of pillows and then tear them to pieces with my bare hands), not oh I didn’t have time, I don’t have time, and then when I call you on that you run and fucking hide back into your BULLSHIT rather than actually ACKNOWLEDGE and move past the bullshit, no, those women, those women I cannot and will not invest an ounce of my time into trying to CAJOLE them like stubborn silly children into eating their greens, but I write this for the





who will do the work.

for 6 weeks. 6 more. 6 years. 6 fucking decades.

day in and day fucking out, whether or not they have time, whether or not their life is falling down around their ears, whether or not they know how or are motivated or what the fuck ever they just DO THE FUCKING WORK.

I write it for the TRUE leaders because I know that if I have to face and learn to understand and move through this shit from time to time, and face the God damn PAIN of seeing someone I care about sabotage their freaking LIFE, well then my TRUE leader clients will also have to face the same.

And need to know, that no matter how much you might give YOUR all to getting the message out there that people need to hear? Some of them just don’t want to hear it, would rather a more complicated solution, and actually unbelievably buy into their own BS about why they can’t.

And as much as you might want to save the WORLD?

You can’t.

Which fucking sucks. It hurts. It is PAINFUL to me to see women sabotaging their destiny and quite honestly I feel like it is DOWN TO ME to save them. Which is incredibly arrogant, but also – just how I feel. I guess if I didn’t care so much I wouldn’t do what I do!

And as much as you CAN try and just move on and focus on the AWESOME fact that most of your Tribe (if your messaging is on track and aligned and consistent!) WILL be the incredible Tribe you for so long longed for, it is tough. Tough to let go. Tough to watch people say no – no thanks, yes I know I said I wanted it all, and yes I admit I’m not doing what it takes but right now I just, y’know, can’t.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck is all I have to say about that bullshit as I TRY to compel myself to be actually freaking smart about it and focus on the women I am actually here to serve namely YOU, the true leader!

So let me tell you right now though:

If you are reading this and it triggers you, where you think oh but Kat you don’t understand, I don’t have time and all this shit happened, and I’m not sure, and besides I TRIED and it’s not working and really honestly the dog DID eat my homework and YOU would just never get what I’M going throught then seriously?


And you know it.

And as much as it makes me want to scream and shout and CRY my heart out to let you go, I have to.

But if you are reading this –

And you DO see some of yourself in those excuses and inaction – as I see myself as well, like I’ve said – but yet you know that you are the 1% within the 1% within the fucking 1% who gets up, bloodied, battered, bruised, every day, day in and day out, for as long as it takes, NO MATTER FUCKING WHAT because you are committed to the outcome then you. are. a. leader.

You WILL start and EXPLODE your revolution, and no doubt are already well underway.

You will ALWAYS have me on your side and I would do ANYTHING for you because I look at you and I see you and honey? I love me a lot!

And I have to tell you:

You can’t save everyone.

People are DESPERATE to destroy themselves.

It is the hardest fucking part of business.

For every 1 person who refuses to face up to what it actually takes to get to where they want to go, I can write a few posts or a new book and attract in 100 more to replace them. So it doesn’t impact me, my income, my ‘list’, my BUSINESS to see people say ‘no, yep I was going to do what it takes but actually would prefer to excuse my way through another year or decade or the rest of my LIFE’ but GOD it breaks my heart.

And I truly wish I could NOT be so filled with rage and passion about it. But I know that you get it.

Because that’s what we do.

That’s what you do.

That’s PART of what being a revolutionary fucking leader is about.

And ultimately?

Thank God we give a damn right, because getting there? Is fucking tough work. Ain’t no system or complex plan in the world that’ll get you out of the simple reality that every day you gotta show up and do the fucking work, and that when it comes to working with PEOPLE some days that work will be damn harder than others but all YOU can do is look within, grit your teeth, square your shoulders, wipe off the blood and sweat and tears, and continue on your way.

So congratulations.

For being here.

For SEEING THE TRUTH about what it takes.

And for doing the fucking work.

As always –

Life is Now. Press Play.


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PPS If and ONLY if you resonated FULLY with this post and you KNOW which parts I mean (!!), then I’d love to have you in The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders. We’ve begun already, you can join now, and the doors close this Friday.

But do not for the love of God join unless you are willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes, and no matter what it takes. You can back down on me if you don’t like me (although seriously, don’t join if you don’t like me; just an idea!!), but if you back down on YOU and then are insane enough to even admit it to me I just might rip your head off via a blog post like this one. I give a fuck – a big fucking one – about you reaching your dreams all out sister. I know you can. ALL THE WAY. But I also know that if you want it then YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FUCKING GO GET IT.

If you can do that? Then this. This week only lovely. And ONLY for the truly Revolutionary Fucking Leaders.

Click here for month to month (no contract) because you are ready to say HELL YEAH to so much fricking awesome plus the support and ROCKSTARTISHNESS of being in a tribe like this!

Hell Yes!Click here to pay upfront for the year just $1499 and save $865 because you KNOW this leader ain’t going anywhere plus you want all those bonuses!

Hell Yes!