Treat Day

WEEK 21: “Treat Day!”

Every so often I enjoy a full treat day. Generally I eat 2-3 treat meals per fortnight, but a couple times each year I do a 2 week low carb bootcamp (only greens for carbs for 2 weeks, and no dairy, alcohol or dark chocolate).

A 2 weeks bootcamp is tough and takes a little planning, but the reward is a full treat day on the 15th day. As you’ll see, it doesn’t mean a full binge day 🙂

  • 7am: Kickstart smoothie with Choc-Mint estrogenomics, Woman Incredible glutamine, Primal Fibre, probiotics, Primal Reds, water and ice. Yummy and a great way to line the stomach prior to a treat day!
  • 9am: About 80 grams of leftover steak, and some almonds
  • 10.30am: The fun begins. A 3/4 strong latte, and GF french toast served with 2 fried eggs, bacon, fried banana and maple syrup. A-ma-zing, even if my sister did say I smelt like maple syrup the rest of the morning!
  • 1: starting to feel a bit out of it from the sugar and carb overload. Some leftover fish and a huge mixed green salad.
  • 3: A mini bounty and 2 mini cherry ripes
  • 5: More leftover fish and greens
  • 7.30: Dinner out – 3 glasses of red wine, shared some thin-crust GF garlic and cheese pizza, fried mozzarella balls. Main: steak with roasted rosemary potatoes and green beans. Dessert! Chocolate mousse with berries.
  • 9.30: Not willing to let my treat day end just yet I ate 3 rows of Cadbury Old Gold Peppermint Dark Chocolate in bed.

As you can see, a treat day doesn’t mean an all out binge day. Include some healthy ‘normal’ foods and keep your treat meals gluten free and you will feel like you’ve indulged without waking up like you’ve been hit by a truck the next day.

Enjoy your next treat day!