WANT THE RED CARPET TREATMENT? (Exclusive 1:1 Immersion Session with Kat)

(10 Places Only!) For 10 Seriously Committed Folks, I’m Offering a Private 90-Minute “Manifesting Fame and Serious $$’ 1:1 Session

YES KAT! I Want The Red Carpet Treatment!

This is normally a $4,500 Session; my hourly rate is $3,000. You’ll also receive 7 days of PRIVATE Asskickery support, comprising a daily PERSONALISED video message with journaling work on Writing Your Reality, and complete access to me over FB Messenger. These immersion sessions are if you want to explode shit up NOW, clear your shit and stop letting bullshit limiting beliefs hold you back, not to mention get into MANIFESTING FAME AND SERIOUS $$ right now

And you'll receive:

  • So it’s not $997 + $2,500, it’s JUST $2,500! That’s a total value of $8,997.
  • PLUS $9,997 p/year in ongoing live coaching in The Tribe if you decide to stay on
  • And $4,500 for the 1:1 - that’s up to $23,494 or even greater IMMEDIATE value
  • And I didn’t even bother trying to calculate the value of the FB groups, the 7-day private asskicking support and daily video messages, or the ongoing access each year to live coaching!

If you want this then freaking HURRY as it will sell out and I will close it off!!

What My Clients Say ...

YES KAT! I Want The Red Carpet Treatment!