Vegan Day

WEEK 23: “Vegan Day”

Something I like to do every now and then to vary my nutrient intake is to spend a day eating as a vegan. Dropping protein might seem very odd, but I’m a big believer in not letting my body adopt to anything for too long. Aside from all the green veg you’ll eat, a bonus side-effect of a vegan day is an increased ability to metabolise protein afterwards.

  • 7am: Green smoothie: whipped up in the blender with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, one lime, mint and ice. Yummy! Cinnamon on top.
  • 7.30am: Green tea
  • 10am, post-workout: Organic gluten free oats cooked in water with shredded coconut, cinnamon, and a chopped banana. Served with berries on top and some ground flaxseeds.
  • 1pm: Marinated cold steamed cruciferous veg in red wine vinegar, with some spinach and olives mixed through. HUGE bowl.
  • 4.30: Peppermint tea, fruit salad with coconut milk yogurt (natural flavour) and ground flaxseeds
  • 7pm: Another huge bowl of vegetables, leftovers from lunch topped up with carrot and beetroot (raw, shredded) and fresh coriander. Squeezed lemon and lime over the top.
  • 8pm: small bowl of frozen raspberries