week 12 workouts

Body Sculpt (Gym)

A1: Cyclist squats 4010 8
A2:Eccentric chins 4 seconds down and 30 on last 12
OR supine pull ups 3010 12
A3: Incline DB press 4010 12
A4: Seated arnie press 3010 8-10
B1: Split squats 30×0 6-8
B2: Tricep push ups 4010 10-15
B3: Russian step-ups 3010 8-10
B4: Reverse bicep curls 3010 8-10



  • 10 second rest in between each exercise
  • This is an Advanced German Body Composition style of training, meaning that you complete 4 ‘big’ exercises in a row with only enough time between sets to get from one station to the next. German Body Comp and Advanced German Body Comp are great methods of training for rapid fat loss and increased muscle tone.
  • Please take 60 seconds rest after each set
  • Aim for 3-4 sets of each group of exercises in total

Metabolic Madness (Home)

kettlebell push press 2020 20
clap push up 20
mountain climbers x 20 changes
bodyweight jacknives 20
1-leg squats x10 each side
bridge + toe taps x 90 seconds



  • 6 sets
  • 10 second rest in between each exercise
  • 30-120 second rest in between each set
  • sub 30 mins!
  • *1-leg squats better to go all the way down even if you can’t come up again!