Week 25 Workouts

Body Sculpt – Gym

Legs Focus!

Today is Body Sculpt day, and it is a VERY different sort of workout. You’re going to LOVE it … maybe (cue evil laughter).

In this workout you are going to get your lower body absolutely BLASTED; I’m putting a special focus on legs training. And why not, when your lower body contains the biggest set of muscles (and therefore those with the most fat burning potential!) out of your entire being?

Today’s workout is ALL legs; it’s what’s called a Giant set. Do this one according to the variables and you won’t know what hit you. In the best possible way of course 🙂

A1: BB deadlifts 4010  8-10 reps
A2: BB front squats  30X0  10-12 reps
A3: DB straight-leg dead lifts  30X0  12-15 reps
A4: DB drop lunges  31X0  8-10 reps
A5: Lying hamstring curls 4040  10-12 reps
A6: BB kick-walk lunges 3010  10-12 reps


  • 5-6 sets of everything
  • Do one warm-up set first, with little or no reps
  • Take 10 seconds rest between exercises and 120 seconds rest after A6 at the end of each round

Click here for a printable download of your workout!

Metabolic Madness – Home

Here is your home ‘Metabolic’ session, and it’s another completely fresh circuit session. Psych yourself into an awesome workout!

a1: KB squat and lift
a2: DB walking lunges
a3: Burpees with jumps
a4: Turkish get ups w or
w/out weight x 10 each side
a5: bridge brace 60 seconds plus
a6: 500 skips


  • Aim for 15-20 reps of each exercise
  • A total of 3-5 sets of everything
  • 10 seconds rest between each exercise in the set and then 60 seconds at the end of each full set
  • Use a controlled pace for each exercise
  • Have fun!

Click here to download the printout of this workout.