Week 27 Workouts

Body Sculpt – Home

a1: db lunges  4 sets 3210  6-8  90 seconds
a2: db b/over rows  4 sets 3110  6-8 reps  60 seconds
b1: lying glute raise  3 sets 3030 6-8 reps  90 seconds
b2: tricep push ups  3 sets  40X0  8-10 reps  90 seconds
c1: db lateral raises  3 sets 3110  8-10 reps  90 seconds
c2: DB standing hammer curl  3 sets 4010  6-8 reps  60 seconds
d1: DB reverse curl and press  3 sets 4020  8-10 reps  90 seconds
d2: full body jacknifes  3 sets 3010 10 reps  60 seconds


  • Breathe and focus on what you’re doing 🙂
  • Please note the longer rest times this module, designed to allow you to lift heavier weights!

Shred Session


  • 10 x 100 metre sprints
  • Warm up first with a few 100-200 metre fast jogs
  • Rest for 2 minutes in between each sprint, walk or jog
  • If sprinting on a treadmill the way I would do it is to pump it up to your max speed first and then jump on and off the sides for your sprints*
  • If sprinting outdoors count out 100 metres using one big step as a metre. Use some kind of marker so you don’t forget!
  • Go flat out on your sprints

*Disclaimer: jump on and off a treadmill at your own peril. Technically this is not a safe thing to do. I’m not officially recommending it, I’m just saying that’s what I would do 🙂