week nineteen workouts

Body Sculpt (Home)

Exercise Tempo Reps Rest
A: KB/DB deadlifts, 5 sets 4010 6 reps 90 sec
B: DB Pullover, 4 sets 3010 6-8 reps 75 sec
C: BB stop chest press, 3-4 sets 3310 4-6 reps 75 sec
D: BB stop squats, 3 sets 3310 4-6 reps 75 sec
E1: DB squat press, seated, unsupported, 3 sets 2020 8-10 reps 10 sec
E2: DB L lateral raise, 3 sets 2021 8-10 reps 60 sec


  • This program is different to what you have been doing so far, but don’t be fooled by it looking simple. Follow the variables and it’s a killer!

Metabolic Madness (Home)

A1: DB burpee squat press
A2: DB side to side step ups
A3: Mountain climbers
A4: Single DB side lunge
A5: Split squats
A6: Alt. side/front brace