Week Three Workouts

Body Sculpt – At home

Exercise Reps
a1 Russian step up 12-15
a2 Push up 10-12
b1 Jump squats 15-20
b2 Back extensions 15-20
c1 Walking lunges 12-15
c2 Dumbbell lateral raise 12-15
d1 Bridge brace 60sec+
d2 Side brace 45sec+


  • Shoot for 2-4 sets of everything
  • Take 45 seconds rest afterwards
  • Work your ass off!

Burn – In the gym

a1  bb thrusters
a2  cbl pull and twist
a3  forward ball rolls
a4  forced lateral raises
b1  DB dead lifts
b2  lunge to step
b3  SB back extensions


  • Your goal is 4-5 sets
  • 15-20 reps of everything
  • Enjoy!
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