BodyIncredible.com is a blog aimed at those keen to get in great shape, maintain it, and stay tuned in to the best ways to improve their body both inside and out.

You Will Find

  • A selection of useful articles on nutrition. These articles explain your nutritional needs in a practical way. You will learn why standard approaches to nutrition like the food pyramid, low-fat or low-calorie do not address your complete nutritional needs and could even cause you to gain weight or become more unhealthy. You will also come to understand how lifestyle factors such as stress and exercise can both aid or inhibit your Body Incredible.
  • A layman’s guide to understanding your hormonal system and the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle for the long-term. You’ll learn how hormones and lifestyle affect your ability to manage your energy, your weight and your health – regardless of what you eat or how much you exercise.
  • Tried and tested advice on how to stay motivated and committed to your Body Incredible goals regardless of how far away their achievement seems, or of how hectic your lifestyle is.
  • Fresh content is added regularly – articles and posts on nutrition, functional exercise, improving your energy, and keeping your mindset on track. You’ll also have access to how-to instructional articles and audio dealing with hot topics such as the latest trends and products, exciting interviews with fitness and health professionals, as well as news and information from the health, diet and fitness worlds.

Who Is Kat Eden?

BodyIncredible.com content is produced by Kat Eden, a young Personal Trainer and Health/Performance Coach from Australia. Kat has been a Personal Trainer since 2000 and has worked with over 400 clients one-on-one throughout that time. Kat currently works with a limited group of one-on-one clients, and has 3 apprentices working under her as Personal Trainers. Over the past decade Kat has been involved in just about every aspect of the health & fitness industry, from corporate health to workplace safety, to being interviewed several times for Women’s Health & Fitness, to motivational and inspirational speaking. Her big passion is sharing her knowledge and views through her writing and she currently uses her writing to teach people how to achieve their Body Incredible. Kat has just finished her second book within the field of health, fitness and weight management, and plans to release details soon!

Kat operates from her laptop and as such has no home office. You can find her writing, reading or researching at pretty much any location you imagine, whether it’s jotting down some thoughts in the locker room at the gym, enjoying one too many long macchiatos at any of her favorite Melbourne cafes, hunkered down in an airport lounge, or at the dinner table usually before she has finished her last bite. Katrina draws on her personal and professional experience to create content for BodyIncredible.com and is passionate about keeping on top of the latest news, research and trends in order to better create content for you.

You can find out more about Kat and exactly what has brought her to create this blog by reading the articles below:

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