Woman Incredible Female Fat Loss Transformation Workshop – MELBOURNE & SYDNEY

NEW DATES JUST RELEASED: Sydney Saturday 11th February, 2012 and Melbourne Sunday 12th February, 2012

female-fat-loss-melbourneI am so excited to announce that these workshops will feature special guest and international fitness model Belinda Benn! Belinda will be co-hosting the event with me and will also be revealing the secrets of how she went from a frumpy Adelaide gal to a sizzling hot personal trainer living on the beaches of Panama!

the woman incredible ‘female fat loss’ transformation workshop

This is a one-day and truly life-changing event previously run in Melbourne, Sydney and now it’s being run with the new and very exciting addition of international fitness model Belinda Benn!

The Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop is a full-day of inspiration, training, food and know-how. It’s like learning everything you need to know about getting into awesome shape and then actually ‘living it’ for a day! Dates have been set for Melbourne (South Melbourne, Sunday February 12, 2012, 830am-430pm) and Sydney (McMahons Point, Saturday February 11, 2012, 9am-5pm), and Belinda and I PUMPED about preparing these never to be repeated events and seeing you there.

details of the day

  • All your snacks, supplements, post workout fuel, and coffee or tea for the day, plus the opportunity to join Kat and Belinda for lunch nearby. This is a fantastic way to experience for yourself what a perfect day of food looks like, and realize how yummy and doable it actually can be! Our motto is ‘healthy food for busy people’, and so that’s what you’ll experience.
  • 2 personal training workouts on the day. Internationally recognised strength coach Kat Eden (yup, talking myself up!) will take you through a morning group personal training session to rev you up and inspire you for the day ahead, and in the afternoon international fitness model Belinda Benn will take you through a ‘Butt and Abs’ circuit workout that you’ll never forget. These workouts will not only have you feeling muscles you never knew were there, but will have your metabolism in overdrive for days after. You’ll learn two very different but equally essential methods to employ in your own training – both of which will leave you feeling physically and mentally challenged. And you’ll realize that it doesn’t have to take hours to train well!

Please note: These workouts are specifically designed so that we can adapt them to suit the most conditioned trainee or a complete beginner. It doesn’t matter what stage of training you are at, we guarantee you will get a workout tailored to your needs and your level!

  • 4 Woman Incredible Transformation interactive workshops:

a. Nutrition and Fat Loss Basics, with Kat

b. Physique Sculpting – Your Ultimate Body, with Belinda

c. Tips and Tricks to get you Super Lean, with Kat

d. First Time Photo Shoot – why you should do one and how to make it happen! –  with Belinda

These value-packed sessions will educate you on the tricks that trainers and coaches like Belinda and myself use in our own lives everyday, as well as with our regular clients. Attending these sessions is like getting a ‘speed education’ on nutrition, confidence, sexiness, beauty and fat loss (yes, really all those things!) and you’ll walk away feeling clear on what is true and what is complete rubbish when it comes to fat loss and health.

This knowledge is going to empower you to take true control of your health and weight moving forward, and you will save countless future hours because you’ll know precisely what you need to be doing!

  • There will also be an interview panel with Belinda and Kat – we will ask each other some of the key questions that we are asked again and again on fat loss and getting results, and you”ll get to hear the answers. This will also include an open Q&A forum where anything goes and Kat and Belinda will share their experience and knowledge on every topic that may come up.

female fat loss bonuses!

Everyone loves a bonus, and here is what you will ‘score’ when you sign up for the High-Performance Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop!

Bonus #1: A full 3 months of gym-based training programs.

That’s 3 different tailored programs designed by me and all geared toward building lean muscle and burning fat FAST. These programs are based on the way I train myself for body sculpting and fat loss, and they can be adapted to suit any level of trainee. I normally charge $165 per program, so that’s $495 of value.

Bonus #2: PLUS you’ll get a bonus travel/at home program, valued at a further $165.

Bonus #3: The Kat Eden “Eat Your Way To Hot” pack

  • 3 full months worth of menu plans (that’s normally a $150 price-point)
  • A how-to guide for eating out (valued at $17)
  • The Woman Incredible fat loss recipe book, featuring my own recipes as well as some special input from some of my most trusted online fitness and nutrition friends (this book will retail at $49.95)
  • Kat’s shop smart and stay lean shopping list (valued at $7)

In total this pack is valued at $223.95, and you’re going to get it FREE!

Bonus #4: 2 follow-up one-on-one sessions (one with Kat and one with Belinda) to be used within a 3-month period after your workshop, either on the phone or in person. valued at $375

Bonus #5: Unlimited email support for a 3-month period, so that you can have all your questions answered, be motivated and accountable, or just to let it all out when you’re having a rough day. This is valued at $300 in total.

Bonus #6: The Woman Incredible 2-2-2 Transformation Program. This program is one of the most exciting and action-orientated packages I’ve ever put together. You’ll learn precisely what you need to do to transform your body in 2 months, 2 weeks, or 2 days. I’m talking all the steps you need to know to make the most of the time you have. We’ll be covering:

  1. A 45-minute “Female Fat Loss” audio with myself and Maximus Mark Ottobre (body transformation expert)
  2. A 45-minute “Keys to Getting Ripped and Building Lean Muscle” audio with myself and Mark Ottobre
  3. A 45-minute audio guide to detoxing, where I teach you how to safely detox for health and fat loss, and 3 key approaches you can take. This is accompanied with a PDF report/worksheet.
  4. The Body Incredible e-book “Getting in the Greatest Shape of Your Life in 2 Days, 2 Weeks or 2 Months” to ensure this is one transformation you WILL follow through on!

This is one of my favourite packages, and it is jam-packed of information. I normally sell this course for $119 – and you’re going to get it for nothing when you sign up for the High-Performance Woman Incredible Transformation Day!

Bonus #7:  Belinda’s Unleash the Body You Want: Reversing Emotional Eating (Audio)

  • Powerful 20 minute audio with real life strategies for reversing emotional and stress related eating.
  • Discover how you can achieve your dream body by overcoming self-sabotaging negative thoughts.
This is valued at $150 in total.
Bonus #8:  Breakthrough Physique Sculpting – Create Your Ultimate Body
  • Discover how to re-shape your body for your ultimate physique.
  • Simple yet powerful techniques that will revolutionize your training and take your body to the next level.
Valued at $150.
Bonus #9:  Photoshoot Fitness – Insider Secrets for creating once in a lifetime photos! Belinda shares her secrets, tips and tricks to get you looking photo shoot ready, looking fit and fabulous!
  • Why you should do a professional fitness photoshoot.
  • How to prepare for your special day, choosing a photographer, your outfits, makeup, tanning and posing.
  • How to get in the zone mentally and emotionally to create your absolute best photos.
Valued at $150 in total.


why are we giving all of that stuff away?!

The reason we’ve put so many incredible bonuses together for you on either package is very simple. We want to ensure that this is not only an incredibly inspiring day for you, and that you are filled with knowledge, motivation and confidence about taking it home and making it work for you, but that you have the tools you need to actually apply it in your busy life on an ongoing basis.

your female fat loss workshop investment

Please contact Kat to find out what your investment will be, as well as payment plan options. Here’s a clue: the cost of this full-day workshop is very similar to what you would pay to see either of us for a 1:1 consult for an hour! And you get all of those amazing bonuses for free!

get in quick though

Numbers are absolutely limited to 20 people on the day. We guarantee you that this day will be in terms of knowledge and results, and also a great investment it is in terms of cost, so if you’re interested then you definitely need to get in touch and find out more.

Do it now, before you miss out.

Secondly, the High Performance Transformation package is ONLY available to the first 10 people to register and make an initial payment. I simply can’t afford to give away that package to more than 20 people total!

just want the workshop and a few additional bonuses?

If you really just want to go to the workshop and maybe take a few bonuses home, I do have a second option for you.

The Basic package of the Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop gets you attendance at the workshop, along with 5 amazing bonuses. To jog your memory, they were:

  • Bonus #1: A full 3 months of gym-based training program, valued at $495 in total
  • Bonus #2: a bonus travel/at home program, valued at a further $165.
  • Bonus #3: The Kat Eden “Eat Your Way To Hot” pack, including menu plans, eating out guides, a recipe book and a smart shopping list – $223.95 value all up
  • Bonus #4:  Belinda’s Unleash the Body You Want: Reversing Emotional Eating Audio, valued at $150.
  • Bonus #5:  Breakthrough Physique Sculpting – Create Your Ultimate Body, valued at $150 in total.


our crazy better-than money back guarantee!

It’s very simple. If, at the end of the day or any time in the 3 months following the day, you feel as though you didn’t receive the value you expected or that the material was not thorough enough to work, you can ask for your money back and I’ll give it – no strings attached.

PLUS you will get to keep all of $1,183.95 or $2327.95 of your bonuses, and I’ll refund your money with a smile. This is about you getting value on the day and beyond. I believe in what I’m offering, and I’m even willing to guarantee that if you strictly follow the principles I outline for you and give you in your take-home goodies that you are guaranteed to lose at least 6 centimetres off your waist within 3 months of attending. Most people lose at least that within a month once they’ve come to see me.

If this doesn’t happen for you and you think the content or value wasn’t thorough enough, simple ask for your refund within 90 days – and keep all those awesome bonuses!

want to change your body, your health, maybe even your life?

Shoot me an email to find out more and get all the details!

And don’t forget, the total BONUS value (yup, not even including the workshop value!) of your High-Performance Transformation Day is a whopping $2327.95

Life is Now. Press Play.



PS – what you will pay is NOWHERE near that amount. Not even close. Different ballpark. You get the idea 🙂

PPS – I am so pumped for this day! The previous 4 Woman Incredible Transformation Workshops have all sold out and have proven to be the most value-packed events I have ever run. I can’t wait to connect with you before, during and after the day and help you take your health and physique to the ultimate level!

PPPS: Please don’t forget that numbers of this workshop are limited. You are most welcome to pass this link on to a friend or colleague, but once 20 places have been confirmed for each event, then that’s it. Based on previous events and demand, these workshops WILL sell out. If you are excited about taking full control of your body and your health, and about learning how to make it work for you for the long-term, then don’t hesitate. I guarantee you this is one day that really will change your life, if you allow it to, so I invite you to trust your gut, give yourself a shot, and contact me right away to register your interest. Here’s to you!