Working Flat Out All Day

WEEK 18: ‘Working Flat Out All Day’

This week shows my eating day whilst presenting an 8-hour Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop in QLD last week. It’s a great sample menu plan to consider whenever you have a very busy or full day yourself. I often have people tell me they have back to back meetings with no time for proper food – this shows you what to do!

6.30am: Ham and tomato omelette, 2 long black coffees

10.30am: (2 hours into the seminar) – a Woman Incredible protein shake. A shake is not just for after training, if you’re truly rushed it is a great ‘back-up’ meal,

1pm: lunch and my brain is spinning: a handful of berries, some almonds, 200 grams of smoked salmon. I meant to have cucumbers with this but forgot to bring them! Also had one boiled egg

4pm: more berries and some Woman Incredible Antioxidant mix. I tend to eat more fruit when very busy all day (on my feet), although would have liked some protein here.

6pm: back in my hotel room and feeling exhausted. Had a few spoonfuls of almond butter with a row of dark chocolate (Cadbury’s – gasp!)

7.30pm: out for dinner – steak with green beans, 6 oysters to start (natural), and a glass of merlot. Bedtime!